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DAP Plastic Wood-X Repair Kit

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DAP Plastic Wood-X is an all-purpose wood filler that can be used to repair your wooden surfaces and furniture. It has a DryDex time indicator, which lets you know when it has set. The wood filler starts out pink and fades to a natural color when dry. Clean up is easy with a little water. This kit includes the 8 oz tub of wood filler, a 7" putty knife for a smooth application and a sanding block for finishing touches.

DAP Plastic Wood-X Repair Kit:

  • DryDex Dry Time Indicator goes on pink and dries natural
  • Easy water clean up saves time and energy
  • All-purpose wood filler adheres to multiple surfaces
  • Plastic Wood-X is stainable
  • Kit includes: 8 oz tub of wood filler, 7" putty knife, sanding block